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scott murray

Location: Dublin, Ireland

My background:
I originally got into fitness back in school (~13yrs of age) when I was an overweight teen with a poor relationship with food and severely upset about my appearance. From there, as a result of sheer lack of knowledge available at the time, I lost too much weight, too quickly and thus ended up the complete opposite as before (underweight, still with a poor relationship with food).

Since then I have made it a priority of mine to researching proven, evidence-based methods for building muscle and/or losing fat in order to ensure that what I was doing was backed by science and 100% effective.

(25YR OLD)

As my passion for fitness and researching grew during my late teens, I then decided to pursue a “career” in it by undergoing a BSc in Health and performance science along with FURTHER pursuing my passion for nutrition and coaching by completing an MSc in Food, nutrition and health, a Diploma in Health coaching and the Precision nutrition certificate.

Over the years I have witnessed and personally experienced first-hand what methods definitely do NOT work and which methods do and thus try to use all my failures to your advantage in order to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes as both I and many others have made on their fitness journeys.

Furthermore, whether it be through coaching or social media, I aim to use all of the knowledge that I have gained from my education in order to again, help out others who are just as passionate about fitness and adopting evidence-based approaches to building muscle, losing fat and living a healthy, active and well-balanced lifestyle.

Finally, alongside maintaining my most popular social media platform (Instagram), I am currently working on growing both my online business and YouTube in particular. I am also dedicating a lot of my time to researching and developing new products/content within the field in order to not only continue developing my own knowledge of the most resent scientific literature available however to then translate that and put it into practice for you and as many other people as possible in order to help you all in achieving your goals.

Current certifications/ Qualifications
  • BSc in Health & Performance science in University College Dublin (1st Class honours)

  • MSc in Food Nutrition & Health in University College Dublin (2.1 grade)

  • ITEC qualified Personal Fitness Trainer

  • BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching (IINH)

  • Precision nutrition certification 

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