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This is it, your complete guide to losing fat, building muscle and living lean for life.


This eBook is a 179 page long, EVIDENCE BASED document covering everything you will ever need to know regarding nutrition, metabolism, hormones and more, consisting of 366 SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES! Yes, I said 366. 


Don't believe me? Download your FREE excerpt below and take a look inside.


Having purchased so many useless programs/eBooks in the past, I have made it a priority of mine to make this the "be all and end all" of all eBooks that cannot possibly disappoint. What has been almost a year in the making with endless amounts of research is all poured into this eBook in an extremely comprehensive yet still easy to understand manner. Consider it your "encyclopedia" for everything diet/metabolism/hormone/fat loss/muscle gain (and more) related suitable for both genders and all experience levels.

it's more than just a "guide"

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Fully comprehensive, evidence based guide on how to lose fat along with covering everything about hormones/metabolism and how to prevent damaging them on you fat loss phase.

It's time to live lean. Here you are guided through an evidence based approach to mini cuts and learn how to live lean for life while continually developing your physique and metabolic rate.

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Following on from Phase 1, you are then guided though the science of reverse dieting along with an evidenced based approach to gaining quality lean mass while keeping body fat gain to a minimum.

An EXTREMELY comprehensive overview of FAQ’s explaining everything you will EVER need to know about nutrition, metabolism and/or hormones etc. (over 35 topics discussed in detail, of course all evidence based)


Access to an exclusive Facebook group where I will be uploading even more content, answering your questions daily and coaching you along your personal journey to "Living lean"

see for yourself

Still not convinced? Then download the FREE excerpt below to see what you can expect.



"It's awesome. It is great to see evidence based nutrition and training protocols are finally reaching the mainstream and are more accessible than ever. Congrats to Scott on putting this together, he breaks down the science and makes it easy to understand."


"You managed to cram tonnes of vital information information into it and I really like the level of detail you've gone into by adding references to each of the points."


"The book is really based on scientific evidence rather then merely personal opinion and I particularly liked the FAQ section here you touched on a variety of subjects"


"Absolutely incredible work brother!!!! This is the most thorough, scientifically sound eBook for ANYONE looking to control their body composition."


"If you are trying to create a balanced lifestyle for yourself or for your clients, ‘Living Lean’ is a fantastic resource!”


"If there's one thing you can get from Scott's eBbook, it's value! If you're only a beginner to the gym or a lifter with years of experience under their belt, "Living Lean" is a must have!


"It's an extremely well written eBook with informative content put so simply for anybody to understand! Couldn't recommend "Living Lean" enough!"


"F**k me how long did that take you to write?  


“All Scott’s work cuts through the bull**t straight to the science very thorough complete crash course on diet/fat loss/muscle gain, recommend for people looking to gain solid knowledge for whatever their fitness goal may be”


"This eBook is all you need to get and maintain a lean, muscular body long term. Factual, study based information and not the usual quick fixes you see in the fitness industry."


“It really is awsome btw, a very easy read and explained very well"



'I can honestly say this eBook is a game-changer for anyone serious about achieving their diet and fitness goals independently, without the added expense of hiring a coach or paying for those cookie cutter 'one size fits all' diet plans. What really sets this eBook apart from the rest, is that the information provided to you is backed by science and scientific research from start to finish. And it works! Simple as that.  if you are not seeing results, and wondering why, then grab a copy of this eBook. It will not only show you HOW to get the results you are chasing,  but will also explain the reasoning as to WHY it works. It provides a one- stop, fully comprehensive guide to assist you at every stage of your fitness and lifestyle journey, whether that be for Fat Loss, or Building Lean Muscle mass, or even doing a mini-cut for an upcoming event. Whatever it is you are looking for, this eBook will have you covered. It won't be long before you see noticeable results. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are looking to obtain more knowledge to progress even further, then I would highly recommend investing in this eBook' 


After being in the Health & Fitness industry for now over 13 years I have come across some amount of bulls**t. So many fad diets, tea’s & potions. It’s really no wonder that people are confused as to what they should actually do or not do. What’s worse is I grew up in a time where if you wanted to loose weight you ate less. I’ve witnessed it & even experienced it myself at a younger age that starvation was the easiest & quickest way to be “skinny”. That is a miserable way to live. 
This eBook stops all of that, it gives you exactly all the information you could possibly need no matter what kind of physical change you are looking for. And most of all it encourages eating & the increase of calories which in this day & age I think is highly important. It doesn’t just give you information but it explains it in a way you can & will understand. I hope everyone who reads this eBook enjoys it as much as I did. Cheers Scott & a huge congratulations on such an amazing piece of work.

*This is a non refundable product*

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