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1900 Calorie Full Day of EATING | high volume, high protein meal plan

As always, if you are new to the channel/page and haven't already checked out the high volume, macro friendly recipe book then be sure to have a look.

Whether it's to directly support the channel or you genuinely love eating huge, tasty meals and don't ever want to be left feeling hungry on a diet ever again, the book is literally everything you will ever need.

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Much like every meal plan, this full day of eating for fat loss is still quite “generic” meal plan in that it is not customised to you as an individual, something which is impossible to do in a video however, it is still going to be a great template to follow if your goal is overall fat loss. Therefore, let’s dive into this meal plan which for the majority of you, should be tailored towards fat loss (especially males)

Meal 1

100g Fresh Spinach,

1 large egg

4 Egg whites

5 Broghie shells

50g fat free cheese

5 deli meat slices

Meal 2

2 large eggs

200g tomatoes

250g baby potatoes

110g tuna in brine

300g fresh spinach

Meal 3

600g broccoli florets

200g tomato pasta sauce

30g onion

180g egg whites

50g fat free cheese

Meal 4

200ml skimmed milk

10g cocoa

25g whey protein


That’s a wrap. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and are going to try some of the recipes out if not the full meal plan. The total macros for it come out as follows:

· 227g carb

· 42g fat

· 152g protein

· 1894 calories


If you are up for a challenge, I challenge you to follow the plan for 1-2 months taking both a before and after picture and then sending me it to see your transformation. Let’s see what you can do ;)

As always, thanks for the support

Stay tuned for the next video/blog


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