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2000 calorie free fat loss meal plan

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

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Firstly, this is a very “generic” meal plan in that it is not customised to you as an individual, something which is impossible to do in a video so if you are interested in a fully customised personal approach to diet and training, check THIS out.

Nonetheless, let’s dive into this meal plan and start with calories.


When it comes to calories, rough maintenance calorie requirements according to Dr. Eric Helms is the sum of your bodyweight in pounds multiplied by 10 multiplied again by an activity level between 1.3 to 2.3. However as always, there will be outliers. Take me for example, eating 4.5-5kcal a day, that’s not a realistic intake for the majority of you to lose fat thus that’s exactly what this meal plan is going to be, a full day of eating that YOU can actually replicate to lose fat.

So, based on coaching experience etc. for the majority of people, maintenance usually lies between a 2000-3000 range thus, taking 2500 calories as the average and given that in a fat loss phase the goal is to lose 0.5-1% bodyweight per week, for a 200lb male that would equate to a loss of 1-2lbs a week.

Now, we all know that there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat thus, reducing those 2500 calories by 500 to 2000 per day would result in the required weight loss. Therefore, this is going to be exactly that, a full day of eating 2000 calories that’s high in protein, tasty and perfect for fat loss so without further ado, let’s start with breakfast.


When it comes to breakfast, most people will be in a hurry and thus either resort for poor food choices or just not enjoy their food therefore, what I would advise is that, apart from skipping it completely and fasting until lunch, you start out with something very small or just a simple protein and fat meal and save your carbs and calories for later in the day. Some examples can include:

· Coffee intermittent fasting

· Bacon

· Veggies again in omelettes

· Eggs or eggs on toast

· Yogurt with fruit

· Quick like cereal

· Oats

· Beans on toast

· Protein pancakes or waffles if you had the time but like I said, most don’t

· Or a protein shake

At least you get the benefits of getting something in you, stimulating MPS and saving calories and/or carbs for when you want them and need them most. Nonetheless, for this day of eating, what we are going for is a veggie omelette of peace. Simple, yet effective, high in protein for MPS, moderate fats to keep you full and slow digestion and a pretty easy meal to make overall when in a rush.


· 2 Eggs

· 3 egg whites

· 50g spinach

· 50g tomatoes

· 30g onion


6 carb, 10 fat, 25 protein – 214kcal


Although the option is there to avoid snacks altogether and just make your main meals BIGGER, most of you will likely like the option of having at least one snack throughout the day which definitely don’t have to break the bank calorie wise and can actually give you the potential to simulate MPS at another time of day. Therefore, as seen in the video, here are a few options:

· Popcorn

· Beef jerky

· Fruit

· Popped chips

· Protein bars

· Tuna

· Rice cakes

· Nibbling on veggies like carrots with a serving of pb

· Skyr yogurt

· Sugar free jello

Any of these snacks are pretty low calorie thus shouldn’t really make a huge dent in your totals. Therefore, for this day of eating we are going to opt for 2 snacks, one after breakfast/before lunch and one after lunch/before dinner. Therefore, for this plan we have Greek yogurt with rice cakes for snack 1 and some fruit and popcorn for snack 2.


· 200g skyr

· 2 ricecakes

· 1 pack of popcorn

· 250g melon


· Skyr and ricecake = 25 carb, 1 fat, 22 protein – 197kcal

· Popcorn and fruit = 29 carb, 5 fat, 3 protein – 173kcal


This is likely your first big meal and when you are hungry so we are placing a larger amount of calories here with the goal once again being focused on foods high in protein, volume and fibre to help keep you full during your deficit so here are a few options:

· Lean meats chicken turkey lean beef, although healthy shy away from salmons etc

· Veggies lower calorie ones in particular like mushrooms, green beans, spinach, peppers

· Salad bowls with tuna

· Beans fibre gains

· Slim buns if having sandwiches

· Rice but not great as far as volume, pasta may be better as it absorbs a tonne of water

· Potatoes

· Spices or low calorie sauces pasta to season everything with

· Tortilla wraps stuffed with veggies and meat

Not only does this meal have to be big and satiating, it also has to be somewhat convenient, adaptable and be able to be prepped the day before if you’re bringing it to work. Therefore, we are opting for an easy chilli con carne stir-fry combo with some popadoms (or you can use broghies too) ie. a nice volume carb instead of rice to help scoop up the mix and add a bit of texture to it all.


· Salt, pepper, paprika

· 150g Meat

· 75g bell pepper

· 125g Kidney beans

· 50g Spinach

· 100g Tomato sauce

· 30g Onions

· 3 Popadoms


42 carb, 9 fat, 54 protein – 465kcal


Once again, this needs to be another hefty meal as it is the time of day where most of you will actually be your hungriest therefore, we need to make it a big one for similar to lunch, options including:

· Lean meats

· Fish now you aren’t in the office stinking out the place prawn stirfy

· Noodles

· Make your own pizzas like you’ve seen me do before low-fat cheese

· Tonne of veggies lower calorie ones in particular like mushrooms, green beans

· Salad bowls with tuna

· Beans fibre gains

· Pasta with tomato sauce low fat cheese

· Potatoes

· Spices to season everything with

· Tortillas again, tacos lettuce tacos

Therefore, for this plan, when thinking bodybuilding on a budget, we are going to stick to similar ingredients as lunch but serve them in a different way. Therefore, you are going to use the second half of the turkey (can be any meat or fish), some potatoes, a tonne of vegetables (any are fine) of vegetables, leftover beans and some tomato sauce. All shoved in a wok and stir fried in a one pan fashion to make an epic bowl of peace.


· Salt, pepper, paprika

· Half pack Potatoes

· 150g Meat

· 400g Green beans

· 100g Kidney beans

· 50g Spinach

· 30g Onions


63 carb, 6 fat, 56 protein – 530kcal


From my personal coaching experience, most clients do get hungry in the evening before bed and the last thing you want to do is go to sleep hungry as you are more likely to binge. Therefore, a treat before bed will keep you mentally sane and, assuming it’s lowish in fat and high in carbs and protein is always nice to see you off and can actually help improve sleep and stimulate overnight MPS. Some good options include:

· Yogurt

· Granola

· Fruit bowl

· Cottage cheese combo with protein powder

· Oats

· Odd cookie or two but they aren’t very voluminous

· Little treat like ice lolly or low calorie ice-cream

· Cereal

However, for this plan, we are going to see you off with a staple, proats. Super convenient and filling too with a good balance of carbs protein and fat, of course topped with a sprinkling of some goodness.


· 15g Coco pops

· 60g Oats

· 20g whey

· Square of dark chocolate


58 carb, 10 fat, 25 protein – 422kcal

That’s a wrap. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and are going to try some of the recipes out if not the full meal plan. The total macros for it come out as follows:

· 224 carb

· 42 fat

· 184 protein

· 2010 calories

Note: It is quite low in fat thus you could borrow calories from your carbs


If you are up for a challenge, I challenge you to follow the plan for 1-2 months taking both a before and after picture and then sending me it to see your transformation. Let’s get you hella lean while eating good.

As always, thanks for the support

Stay tuned for the next video/blog


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