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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

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Body composition a.k.a. building muscle and losing fat at the same time, is it possible?

Yes, many studies have shown that it is in fact possible to build muscle & lose fat at the same time (Demling & DeSanti 2000, Iglay et al 2007, Joseph et al 2001). This is because, with an adequate stimulus (training) & sufficient protein, muscle mass can be preserved & even built whilst at calorie maintenance and even in an energy deficit and losing fat (Helms et al 2013, Bryner et al 1999, Donnelly et al 1993).

This however is most common in overweight individuals as, stored fat can act as a fuel supply for LBM growth even in the absence of an energy surplus. Furthermore, it goes without saying that enhanced athletes also have the power to gain muscle & lose fat due to the impacts which anabolic steroids have on muscle growth, irrespective of caloric intake (Bhasin et al 2001, Sinha-Hikim et al 2003). Finally, complete beginners have a better chance of gaining muscle & losing fat than advanced as, often the stimulus alone from the initiation of a new training program is enough to “shock” the body & stimulate hypertrophy (Ratamess 2008) (aka noobie gains) however, this is short lasted as you become more experienced (Fleck & Kraemer 2014, Deschenes & Kraemer 2002).

All that being said, under the right circumstances (slow controlled weight loss & smart programming), even more experienced athletes can gain a little bit of muscle during a fat loss phase (Garthe et al 2011) but again this is highly dependent on body fat % i.e. if you are absurdly lean and/or close to your genetic potential its less likely, if not then body recomposition is possible That being said, the gains you make whilst in an energy deficit will likely be far less than those made in a surplus as, though the stimulus for growth (training) is still present, calories are not & calories create an optimal environment for growth (Pasiakos et al 2010). Not saying that you can’t make gains in a deficit but if you’re seeking maximum gains then a surplus is almost necessary.

Nonetheless hopefully that addressed the question of whether you can build muscle & lose fat at the same time. Yes you can by:

· Eating at calorie maintenance or in the slightest of deficits

· Eating adequate protein

· Training HARD ensuring progressive overload

· Sleeping adequately

· Supplementing smartly (if needed)

· Potentially timing nutrients strategically


Much like every meal plan, this full day of body recomp is a very “generic” meal plan in that it is not customised to you as an individual, something which is impossible to do in a video so if you are interested in a fully customised personal approach to diet and training, check THIS out.

Nonetheless, let’s dive into this meal plan which for the majority of you, should be tailored towards body recomposition i.e. being able to gain muscle AND lose fat at the same


Fage - 0%, 300g

Caramel Rice cake, 3 Rice Cake

Nutella, 15g

Blueberries, 50g


Courgette, 1000g

Cottage cheese fat free, 150g

Fat free cheese, 30g

Spaghetti, 1 serving

Turkey rashers, 2 servings


Tomato Pasta Sauce with Chunky Vegetables, 1 Serving

Mushrooms, 50g

Carved Chicken Breast, 100g

Mixed Peppers, 75g

Tomatoes, 50g

Onion, 20g

Baguette, 1 small/medium

Fat Free Mozzarella, 30g


Cauliflower Florets, 900g

Brussel Sprouts, 12 sprouts

Carrots, 400g

Onion, 30g

Fat Free Greek Yogurt, 70g

Extra Lean Steak Mince, 200g

Tomato Pasta Sauce with Chunky Vegetables, 1 serving


Whey Protein, 1 scoop

Coconut Flour, 1tbsp

Cocoa, 5g

Almond Milk Unsweetened, 50ml

Eggs white, 1 large


That’s a wrap. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and are going to try some of the recipes out if not the full meal plan. The total macros for it come out as follows:

· 226g carb

· 37g fat

· 206g protein

· 2421 calories


If you are up for a challenge, I challenge you to follow the plan for 1-2 months taking both a before and after picture and then sending me it to see your transformation. Let’s see what you can do ;)

As always, thanks for the support

Stay tuned for the next video/blog


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