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5lb chipotle burrito bowl only 600kcal

As always, if you are new to the channel/page and haven't already checked out the high volume, macro friendly recipe book then be sure to have a look.

Whether it's to directly support the channel or you genuinely love eating huge, tasty meals and don't ever want to be left feeling hungry on a diet ever again, the book is literally everything you will ever need.

Click HERE to see more :)

However, for now, much like I said in the video, here is the full list of ingredients for the insanely high volume chipotle burrito bowl that's only 600kcal total.


  • 250g mushrooms

  • 400g tomatoes

  • 300g bell peppers

  • 350g spinach

  • 170g celery

  • 200g courgette

  • 300g leeks

  • 125g chicken

  • 50g fat free cheese

  • 120g mixed beans

  • Franks red hot sauce

  • Garlic salt, paprika, cayenne pepper and any other seasoning of choice

See the video for the full method -

Macros Calories: 635kcal Protein: 70g Carbs: 64g Fat: 11f

Additional topping ideas (not included in the macros)

  • Red meat

  • Fish

  • Full fat cheese

  • Rice

  • Avocadoes

  • Sour cream

  • Different beans/veggies

  • Different types of cheese

Note: Macros may vary slightly depending on the brand you chose however, if possible, do your best to find the lowest calorie version of the ingredients. Even if it's only 2-3g less carbs per 100g or 1g less fat per 100g, they all do still add up.


If you try the recipe out then let me know how you like it, take a pic and tag me in your Instagram stories, I'd love to see your creations and share it with the fam :)

As always, thanks for the support


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