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high volume white chocolate cake

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

As always, if you are new to the channel/page and haven't already checked out the high volume, macro friendly recipe book then be sure to have a look.

Whether it's to directly support the channel or you genuinely love eating huge, tasty meals and don't ever want to be left feeling hungry on a diet ever again, the book is literally everything you will ever need.

Click HERE to see more :)

However, for now, here is what you are going to need to make up the white chocolate cake.

  • 6 REAL egg whites

  • 3/4 scoop (20g) of whey protein

  • 1 tsp cream of tartar

  • Sucralose (or any sweetener of choice)

  • Flavdrops

See the video for the full method -

Additional topping ideas (not included in the macros)

  • Low fat/fat free squirty cream

  • Fruit

  • Skinny syrups

  • Peanut butter

  • Any spread

  • Chocolate chips

  • Sprinkles

Note: Macros may vary slightly depending on the brand you chose however, if possible, do your best to find the lowest calorie version of the ingredients. Even if it's only 2-3g less carbs per 100g or 1g less fat per 100g, they all do still add up.

Pro tips:

  • Liquid egg whites from a carton will not work, or at least they won't fluff up as much so be sure to use real egg whites

  • Make sure no yolk gets into the mix as otherwise it will not fluff up

  • Be sure to fold the whey in GENTLY as otherwise you will remove the air and reduce the fluffiness

  • If you want it even fluffier, use casein protein powder


If you try the recipe out then let me know how you like it, take a pic and tag me in your Instagram stories, I'd love to see your creations and share it with the fam :)

As always, thanks for the support

For more high volume, low calorie recipes, stay tuned for the recipe book coming VERY soon


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