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top 10 fat loss tips that changed my life

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

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However, for now, if you are reading this then you have likely come from my recent “Fat loss tips that changed my life” video, in which case, be sure to check it out PLUS try out the recipes in it and tag me in your stories… I want to see some epic food pics circulating the web.

Anyway, as I said in the video, here is a little recap of the top points I feel were gamechangers in helping me lose fat and gain muscle over the course of my fitness “journey”. I know some (if not all) will seem very basic however I cannot stress how much they can impact your overall results, especially when combined together:

  1. Point number 1 is of course to get active by doing SOME form of movement/activity whether it be lifting weights, walking, running, swimming, CrossFit or whatever you enjoy most, DO IT! However, you may think that starting to workout was the first main change that I implemented but it wasn’t. In fact, I was a really active kid but I just ate like complete shyt proving that, even by increasing overall activity, diet will still play more of a role in your body composition than exercise

  2. Point number 2 is that I started to adopt intermittent fasting. This was because I always had a big appetite and struggled to stay full thus, a huge way to remove a large chunk of calories or at least bank them for later, was to push back my meals. This was quite easy for me as I was never really that food focused in the morning and may be something you consider if you suffer from the same problem. Then when it came to breaking my fast, that’s when we get into point number 3

  3. When it comes to meals/foods, I made compromises and tried to “trick” myself into eating less calories yet still feeling as if I was eating the real thing e.g. Make up lower calorie pancakes or choosing dieting ice-cream vs Ben and Jerrys. Sure, the taste isn’t 100% like the real thing but with good cooking skills you can get pretty damn close and that leads me nicely to point 4

  4. Point number 4 is to TRACK YOUR CALORIES!!!!! There is only so much that making these smart swaps will do until at some stage you do need to know exactly what you’re putting in your body so the next tip is to track your calories using an app such as MyFitnessPal. However, be sure that you don’t let the app control your life from the get go. At first don’t be obsessive, set yourself a calorie and protein goal of 1g/lb of bodyweight and be flexible with your carbs and fats. Then, once you become more advanced and need further specialisation, start to dial those in later and that then leads nicely into tip 5

  5. Point 5 is that, once you start tracking your calories, don’t drink them. Studies consistently show how less satiating liquid calories are over solid ones so if you struggle with hunger and sustaining a calorie deficit you would be silly in “wasting” your calories on what is essentially liquid sugar with very little nutritive value. Instead you want to be focusing on whole foods, rich in fibre and high in volume which is exactly what point 6 is

  6. EAT FOR VOLUME! You’ve seen my low-calorie days of eating and how much you can bulk out a meal and keep it super low calorie so be sure that you are maximising this and bulking out your meals with as many low-calorie density foods as possible, especially if hunger is an issue.

  7. Point 7 is also a gamechanger in that you need to increase and standardise your level of non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) by tracking steps. As a kid I would average around 2-4k steps! Pathetic! Little did I know how much an impact increasing that to 10-15k could have as it literally is such an easy way to burn calories, minimal impact, can actually improve recovery, is psychologically relaxing and also aids in taking your mind off food and snacking and that brings me to point 8

  8. Self explanatory, avoid mindlessly eating snacks which are often high calorie, low volume and not very satiating. Instead, opt for higher protein lower calorie ones or even better, NONE, and save your calories for whole meals the size of your head, not just a little nibble of food here and there and that brings me to point 9

  9. Increase total protein intake in general. My old diet used to be very carb and fat rich which didn’t maximise fullness nor my potential to make gains and recover from the gym. It was only once I started to revolve my meals around protein that I saw some serious changes as protein is the most thermogenic and satiating macronutrient of the 3 macros

Hopefully they help and, as mentioned in the video, here are the ingredients for the recipe ideas which are included in the video:


Marshmallows 20 g

Blueberries 50 g

Sweet potato 200 g

Cocoa 10 g

Egg Whites 250 g

Whey Protein 20 g

Egg fried rice

Asian Style Stir-fry Frozen Vegetables 300 g

2 Eggs

Cauliflower rice 600 g

Chicken Breast 125 g

Butternut squash boats

Butternut Squash 1000 g

Fat Free Cheese 40 g

Leeks 50 g

Tomato Pasta Sauce 100 g

Mixed Peppers 100 g

Turkey Mince 200 g

Don’t forget to like and share this on your socials and, as always, if you read this far then I really do appreciate you so much, your support means the world.


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